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Crooks, SD is located in Minnehaha County. It is a suburb of Sioux Falls. According to the 2010 consensus, Crooks has 1,269 residents. Interestingly enough, Crooks is a relatively new name. Before 1904, the suburb was called “New Hope,” with the name changing to commemorate a local politician.

In 1873, David O. Crooks and his family came to the Dakota Territory. He settled in present day Crooks. He spearheaded a sustainable farming community, with emigrants moving in quickly after that. Over time, it has grown into the current day suburb that we currently have. Because Crooks, SD is so popular listings sell fast.  Here is a link for what is for sale in Crooks, SD

🏠 Living In Crooks, SD | Temperatures

Located in Minnehaha County, Crooks is bordered by bodies of water like Beaver Lake. The major highways are Interstate 29 and 90. Crooks experiences a humid continental climate, with humid summers and cold, dry winters. Temperatures during the winter typically average between 5 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Like many areas in the region, it’s normal for Crooks to experience light to moderate snowfall during the winter.

The zip code for Crooks is 57020, with the city government being lead by a mayor-council type of administration. It’s a lively suburb that is supported by several financial companies, due to Crook residents enjoying a lack of state corporate income tax. The economic sectors thrive in Crooks, employing a significant portion of the working population who typically commute to work on a daily basis. To find out the weather on any given day, an especially relevant weather site is The Keloland Weather Site


Crooks, SD

🏛️ Living in Crooks, SD | Community Center

Crook’s livability is ranked highly when compared to the rest of the United States, with the local county enjoying low crime rates, high graduation rates, a stable high income per capita. Even though the cost of living is a bit greater than other areas of South Dakota, median household incomes accommodate that disparity. A very small percentage of families are below the poverty line.

The Crooks Community Center and calendar represents the suburb’s desire for community outreach, with officials and facilities being accessible to residents. The community center regularly curates local events and post them on the community calendar. Rather then google searching the Crooks Community Center just use this link.

🔥 Living Crooks, SD | Fire Department

Professional volunteers support Crooks’ fire department. Formed in 1927, the fire department started out as a single horse-drawn carriage, with 12 volunteers. As the suburb grew into a viable community, the staff grew, with up to 24 dedicated individuals who respond to fire and medical emergencies in the area. The volunteer fire department is now supported by six vehicles. Since it works on a volunteer basis, the department is continuously looking for new members to ensure efficient operations at all times.

If you want to volunteer, then the Minnehaha County Fire Chief Association has certain rules and requirements that new volunteers need to adhere to. Volunteer firefighters are the first line of defense in case of a fire emergency, so volunteers need to be able to work in a pinch. Most volunteers work because they feel like they are in debt by living in such a supportive community, with many Iraq veterans trusting their families to the community. Once they come back, they feel excited to join the fire department to give back to the community.

A sense of brotherhood is shared by those who volunteer at Crook’s fire department. To contact the fire department and the fire chiefs association, you can fill out the form on their contact page.

 ☕Living in Crooks, SD | Events

The community calendar is a platform that informs residents of important dates and activities about festivals, celebrations, ordinance changes, and home ownership. The town offer’s a public calendar that will give you the platform to observe the frequency of posting. This enables you to add your own proposals when there’s an available slot.

Some of the reoccurring events are the Crooks Connection Coffee, a social event that unites residents and neighborhoods with a favorite American pastime – coffee drinking. However, there are more serious events, like public hearings and community events. If you would like to add your event to the calendar, contact the community center at 605-543-5238.

 🐴Living in Crooks, SD | Crooks Rodeo

The first weekend of June is a busy weekend in Crooks, SD. The town roles out the red carpet for the Crooks Community Days & Crooks Rodeo Days! For three days you can enjoy the rodeo and hit a few rummage sales. To find out the future dates for this great event just Click here!

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