Living in Parker, SD [Info, Map, Temp, Mayor]

Parker, SD is a city with a population of 1,065, and is located in Turner County. A small city with a small town feel.  First of all Parker, SD  borders by South Dakota State Highway 19 to the east, Highway 44 to the north. Also 8.3 miles from Chancellor to the city’s northwest. Established in 1879, Parker is host to the famous Turner County Fair, bringing in throngs of people from surrounding communities and neighborhoods.

Parker, SD [Map]🗺️

Living in Parker, SD | Mayor Nelson🏞️

As a result the Mayor Nelson of Parker, South Dakota, has positioned the city as a welcoming, warm city. The city aims to provide a sense of community, underlying the value of safety, friendliness, and progressive policies. The feeling of community can easily be observed.  The local fire department is run by first-rate volunteers, a burgeoning small business sector.  Parker, SD has a hortatory need to ensure that families of Parker have access to quality schools and facilities.

Living in Parker, SD | Temperature🌡️

Located in zip code 57053, Parker experiences a continental climate, with winters being cold and dry, and summers being particularly hot and humid. Therefore the summer months, expect temperatures to hover around 90 degrees Farenheit/32 degrees Celsius, with temperatures intermittently soaring above 100 degrees. Temperatures plummet during the winter, with January temperatures falling below freezing.

downtown Parker, SDParker, SD School District [Phone #, Address, Map]

Parker is a smaller city, with one central school catering to local students. Even though there aren’t many choices, the current facilities have done an exceptional job ensuring quality education for all.

parker elementary map







Parker Elementary SchoolParker elementary school


335 W. 1st Street
Parker, SD  57053
 Parker Junior High & High Schoolparker jr high & high school


335 W. 1st Street
Parker, SD  57053
Email Principal

The Parker School District is mandated by Dr. Donavan G. DeBoer, becoming the district’s superintendent on July 2014. He curates the district’s efforts to ignite minds and encourage collaboration between teachers, students, and faculty. In addition he Graduated from Northern State University with a degree in education, Dr. DeBoer has used his experience as an educator, student, football, and volleyball coach, to support Parker School District 60-4. The school runs on a four-day school week, which has gained positive feedback from school officials and parents. More information and contact details can be found here.

Parker, SD NewspaperLiving Parker, SD | Local Newspaper 📰

The New Era is one of Turner County’s oldest independent newspapers. The publication dedicated its resources to helping keep residents up to date on the latest local news. The New Era does more than just inform residents on local happenings, it also has a classified ad section, connecting sellers with potential buyers. Furthermore their common classifieds are asking for yard help, selling trees and unwanted cargo. Parker has a rich sports scene, including a national archery team, baseball team, and track and field. News pertaining to these teams are regularly published in the online edition of The New Era. The New Era can be contacted via phone, (605) 297-4419 or via The New Era has a Facebook page Click Here!

Living in Parker, SD [Events, Calendar, Venues]

Penny Tree building

Penny Tree Events is the county’s go to wedding venue for would-be brides. It’s backdropped by country and greenways, with an amazingly rich, naturally romantic environment. Noteworthy fact is the Penny Tree Events has a dedicated dressing area, with weekend and midweek wedding packages that’ll fit any budget, four outdoor ceremony areas for your choosing, and a dedicated catering list. Located at BBB Lodge, Penny Tree Events is meticulously maintained, offering a unique wedding venue in all of Parker. Just 35 minutes southwest of Sioux Falls, Penny Tree Events gives you exclusive use of their facilities and property with the purchase of a wedding package. To learn more about Penny Tree Events, follow their blog. For inquiries, contact them at 605-360-5414 or via email at

Penny Tree Sign


The Town Planner for Parker, a free service that allows community leaders, businessmen and women, and festival coordinators to post local happenings on a public forum to attract local crowds. Since 1986, the town planner has galvanized the entrepreneurial spirit of Parker, with the program providing focused advertisements to residents.

For the next coming months, the Town Planner has already showcased a plethora of events. June 24th, 2017 is the supposed “Take Your Dog To Work Day” for Parker residents. Noting the day when North Korea invaded South Korea, the “Korean War Begins” is a historical event for international politics, with the Town Planner commemorating that. As you can see, some of these events can be silly, while some are designed to respect the contributions made by American people. Showing  their involvement in international affairs.

The  Parker’s Town Planner’s email is To obtain further information, make sure to direct inquiries to the Town Planner publisher. Using the one that caters to Parker, SD. Finally if you are a business person who wants to post their services on Town Planner, make sure that you insert the zip code in all contact forms. This is to ensure that your ads are posted in the correct category.

Living in Parker, SD | Turner County Fair

In a addition the Turner County Fair is a free, four-day festival that occurs every August. There’s an extensive array of specialty foods, exhibits, baked goods, and family activities – all dipped in the rich history of Parker. As mentioned, it is one of the state’s oldest fairs. The Fair has been running for more than 136 years. There are 31 volunteer members preside over the festival. Also more than 200 aides looking over the everyday tasks of the fair. Furthermore for locals, the end of the fair also marks the end of the summer and the beginning of the school year.

Parker, SD Turner County Fair

Furthermore, the fair draws a mixed crowd, of people of all ages enjoying the many exhibits. Regardless of the happenings, rest assured that it is a family-friendly fair. This fair  has a bit of everything for everyone. The Freedom Stage at the local Heritage Park features all the free entertainment you need. They range from quartets, gospel music, and talent shows. The Grandstand is one of the park’s events. There are an array of car races sponsored by organizations within the county. Most of all you should check out the Turner County Fair’s Web Site (Click Here)

Turner County Fair Demo Derby

The festival starts on August 13. In addition, this day offers a rodeo, an animal show, and a free barbecue. Also, there is a goat show. bingo game, among other activities. On the third day of the Turner County festival, visitors can enjoy carnival rides, and free pies. Also a weigh-in competition for the lamb show. Plus, the last day of the festival is on August 17, this day focus’s more on senior activities. Especially relevant is the church service, and gospel singing to conclude the fair. In addition to Tickets for the carnival and grandstand racing show are between $10 and $12. Also, the Turner County Fair is located at 680 East Second Street.

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